Dimitrios Kosmidis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He took his first steps into the world of music by playing with several local bands. In 2004 he began his music studies at the Toumba Music School under the guidance of Theodoros Evangelinos. Three years later he continued his studies at the Filippos Nakas Conservatory in Thessaloniki, studying with Nikos Fountoukidis and later with Christos Germenoglou.

In 2008, Dimitrios moved to the Netherlands to pursue his higher education and develop his musical skills through more musical challenges. In 2012 he completed his Bachelor studies at the Conservatory in Maastricht, Netherlands, studying with Arnoud Gerritse and Ron van Stratum. In 2014 he completed his Master studies next to Stephane Galland and Dre Pallemaerts.

Since 2008 Dimitrios Kosmidis has collaborated and shared the stage with several well respected artists such as Amik Guerra, Gerald Canon, Yuri Honing, Loren Stilman, Ewout Pierreux, Frank Giebels and many more. In addition Dimitrios Kosmidis has participated in several festivals in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Greece and he is performing on a regular basis in Limburg.

Dimitrios supports Gabriel hand made drums and Flix fiber and R stick wood drumsticks

Kosmidis Dimitrios


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Bros playin' across, by GrePol M.af.i.a. ©2011

Produced by GrePol m.af.i.a.

Recorded by Michael Heidmann at Public Peace Studios, Aldenhoven, (DE)

Mixed and mastered by Ron van Stratum
The best way to find the right drumstick for you is to try different variations and see which feels most comfortable. But these are some basic guidelines will help you make your choice The history behind the numbers and letters stamped on drumsticks. The letters originally stood for styles of music, while the number was related to the stick’s diameter. The larger the diameter, the lower the number. Some of this coding still applies to today’s basic stick models. Here’s a breakdown of what the companies used back in the early 1900s, when this system was first established.The letter A stood for orchestra.The letter B stood for marching and concert bands.The letter S stood for street band. The letter D,stood for dance band. 2B is the most common size for a thick stick. 7A is the most common size for a thin stick.

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