Panos Topalidis was born in Edessa, Greece in 26th of September 1995.He started playing the Drums at the age of 12. Babis Katirtzoglou had been his teacher and guide for four years. Later on he continued as a self-taught drummer.In 2013, he enrolled to Concervatoire of Northern Greece in Thessaloniki and joined the"Jazz Orchestra of Northern Greece" as a drummer and percussionist, with Michalis Chatzianastassiou and George Karakasis as conductors.In 2014, he joined the Grunge/Hard-Rock band "State of Margin" and the Samba-Reggae & Afro Percussion Group "Bloco-Karanos" as a percussionist, playing the Brazilian percussion repinique and caixa, with Jason Yeremtzes and Petros Nouris as conductors. He participated in musical workshops, clinics, seminars and masterclasses with Kostas Anastasiadis [Harmony of the Rhythm] , Eddie  Aggelakis, Dimitris Panagoulias, Milcho Levien and more as guest musicians.Ηe has been guided by Kostas Anastasiadis from 2016 onwards.He has played/worked with many Greek musicians such as:Kostas Anastasiadis, Petros Dragoumis, Theofilos Sotiriadis, Jason Yeremtzes, Christos Anastasiadis, Christos Digkas,Michalis Chatzianastassiou, George Karakasis and more.




Panos Studio The studio provides a great amount of gear for most of musicians, a very comfortable live room for rehearsals or studying

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And supported:Rotting Christ, Mora sti Fotia, Fundrakar, Nightstalker, Eisvoleas, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Christos Thiveos, Lefteris Grigoriou, Kako Sinapantima, Djembefellas,Perros Calientes and more.In 2016-2017 he worked with 2 bands from Thessaloniki.The Progressive rock band "Ant on troubled Pine" and the Indie/Alternative Rock band "Jane Doe".He has become a music producer in his own studio "BullStr. Production Studio" in cooperation with Nikos Vettas as an audio engineer since late 2017.Currently, he is a member of the Progressive/Electronic/Rock band "Aplysia" and the Blues rock band "52Blue"and he is working on several projects along with his personal debut concept album.Panos Topalidis plays with his Rstick Custom model drumsticks.

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