Drumsticks R stick
produced in Czech Rep
for professional drummers

rstick drumsticks
R stick  are making drumsticks for you since 1982 The company have got much experience through that time, which allows us to react precisely on your requests and which we are applying to our crafting procedure through the time. We were first with many things and we become inspiration for many others on this field.A great drumstick is the perfect combination of balance, response, and feel.  Drumsticks design diameter, length, weight, type of wood, taper, and tip all determine the way it feels in your hand. The optimum drumstick for you will depend on your style of music and type of drum kit. To play your best, choose the stick that feels the best and suits your musical purposes. The main elements important to choosing the right drumsticks R stick made a custom for you.
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Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements

We're not trying to impress you with parameters that can never be reached, offer you super materials of Premium Quality. We can not solidify surface drumsticks with special varnish or ennoble hornbeam on the quality of Hickory, we never feed you with crap about the quality of the material or amaze you with our worldliness and sizes. We do not auspice ourselves with non-existent or unregistered trademarks, use false advertising, and even super sounding different systems of quality assurance and quality control. The truth - We do not need and never had to got around to resort because for us our work speaks

Original personal customer print logo on drumsticks

Any customer who is interested can get their own original print. Drumsticks with your prints are a great marketing and advertising tool, serving to emphasize the identity of the drummer.. Read more...
Printed personal custom drumsticks are very popular with the fans .... In this field, we are pioneers - we were first offered this with us. Every customer can have unlimited number of models in our database. Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements . You can order directly drumsticks in stock, which are shipped immediately. If you have any questions about sizing of model, you can place the parameters to  the section for custom sticks order.
drumsticks rstick

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R stick Drumsticks  are designed for the professional drummers  and sets all the required parameters of the drumsticks for their own custom model.


3 Habr wood pairs include shipping in Greece 17 E

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