New custom drumsticks for Aggelo Samara drummer for Diablery

Petros Haritos
Petros Haritos Black Ωmega Sun

Haritos Petros
Tolis Pougaridis custom model

Tolis Pougaridis
R stick custom
Custom Drumsticks

R stick

R stick

R stick  are making drumsticks personal configuration, you can set all the required parameters of the drumsticks for your own customer model

R stick Configuration

Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements

We're not trying to impress you with parameters that can never be reached, offer you super materials of Premium Quality. We can not solidify surface drumsticks with special varnish or ennoble hornbeam on the quality of Hickory, we never feed you with crap about the quality of the material or amaze you with our worldliness and sizes. We do not auspice ourselves with non-existent or unregistered trademarks, use false advertising, and even super sounding different systems of quality assurance and quality control. The truth - We do not need and never had to got around to resort because for us our work speaks

R stick catalogue

For the production of R - stick drumsticks we use only the highest quality, finest  materials, the choice of which we are solely responsible for.

Nikos Papavranou
Another Great Drummer Nikos Papavranou in R stick

Dimi D
New entry Dimos Dimitriadis from Thessaloniki

Dimos Dimitriadis
Billy Pod
New custom Model for Great Jazz Drummer Vasilis Podaras from Athens

Billy Pod
Alexandros Spanidis Drummer/Songwriter teach in Synchrono Odeum Thessaloniki jazz drumming

Alexandros Spanidis

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