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R stick  are making drumsticks for you since 1982 The company have got much experience through that time, which allows us to react precisely on your requests and which we are applying to our crafting procedure through the time. We were first with many things and we become inspiration for many others on this field.A great drumstick is the perfect combination of balance, response, and feel.  Drumsticks design diameter, length, weight, type of wood, taper, and tip all determine the way it feels in your hand. The optimum drumstick for you will depend on your style of music and type of drum kit. To play your best, choose the stick that feels the best and suits your musical purposes. The main elements important to choosing the right drumsticks R stick made a custom for you.

R stick

Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements

We're not trying to impress you with parameters that can never be reached, offer you super materials of Premium Quality. We can not solidify surface drumsticks with special varnish or ennoble hornbeam on the quality of Hickory, we never feed you with crap about the quality of the material or amaze you with our worldliness and sizes. We do not auspice ourselves with non-existent or unregistered trademarks, use false advertising, and even super sounding different systems of quality assurance and quality control. The truth - We do not need and never had to got around to resort because for us our work speaks

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For the production of R - stick drumsticks we use only the highest quality, finest  materials, the choice of which we are solely responsible for. Choose Your Size. Once you have an idea on you wood and tip, you need to find the right size stick for you. Different manufacturers will code their sticks a bit differently, so you may see a slight difference in a 5a compared to a 5a extreme. However, they are all very similar, and follow a general pattern. There are three main stick categories. 7A this is a thinner, lighter feeling stick meant for a softer sound on you drums. These work great for jazz drumming, or younger drummers. 5A this is the most common stick. Medium thickness allows for both loud and softer play. Great for rock drumming! 5B and 2B these are thicker than average. They allow for louder sounding drums, and are ideal for heavy rock.

We 've got big experience and specialization on woodsharpen, which allows us to react precisely on your requests and which we are applying to our crafting procedure through the time. We were first with many things and we become inspiration for many others on this field. R stick uses only un-endangered wood in the manufacturing of its sticks Big scale of offered models and our models are for every style and use. It contains worldwide commonly used models, specific models for many play styles and special use. Customers can configure custom models and scales of drumsticks. Each model in our offer can be made in your desired dimensions. You can combine model from other models or we can design new model for you. In our configurator you can make your own drumstick with wide scale of options. Any other company on this field can΄t offer you this - That making us unique. R stick in Greece has been the sticks of choice by such renowned artists ,drummers like Yannis Stavropoulos , Panos Vassilopoulos , Dimitrios Kosmidis, Aggelos Valavanis for more see our artists roster. R stick make your drum set sounds better, feels better and inspires you to play your best
The best way to find the right drumstick for you is to try different variations and see which feels most comfortable. But these are some basic guidelines will help you make your choice The history behind the numbers and letters stamped on drumsticks. The letters originally stood for styles of music, while the number was related to the stick’s diameter. The larger the diameter, the lower the number. Some of this coding still applies to today’s basic stick models. Here’s a breakdown of what the companies used back in the early 1900s, when this system was first established.The letter A stood for orchestra.The letter B stood for marching and concert bands.The letter S stood for street band. The letter D,stood for dance band. 2B is the most common size for a thick stick. 7A is the most common size for a thin stick.

Original personal customer print logo on drumsticks

Any customer who is interested can get their own original print. Drumsticks with your prints are a great marketing and advertising tool, serving to emphasize the identity of the drummer.. Read more...
Printed personal custom drumsticks are very popular with the fans .... In this field, we are pioneers - we were first offered this with us. Every customer can have unlimited number of models in our database. Perfect workmanship, fully subordinate to customer requirements . You can order directly drumsticks in stock, which are shipped immediately. If you have any questions about sizing of model, you can place the parameters to  the section for custom sticks order.

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