He started playing drums at the age of 11. His musical studies include 6 years of classical piano and violin lessons. At the age of 18 he was accepted at the jazz department of the Ionian university of Corfu and 5 years later he got his Bachelor degree and later his Masters degree in jazz performance. From 2009 he is one of the most active musicians in the Greek jazz scene collaborating and performing internationally at festivals and venues in Europe,USA and Asia. Tivon Pennicott, Jd Walter , Emmet Cohen ,Rufus Reid ,Bobby Sanabria ,Manfred Schoof ,Olivier Temime ,Timo Lassy ,Dean Bowman ,George Kontrafouris ,Takis Paterelis ,Vasilis Rakopoulos ,Dimos Dimitriadis ,Dimitri Vasilakis ,Vasilis Xenopoulos ,Nikolas Anadolis among others are some of his latest collaborations.

MY DEBUT ALBUM 'DRUMS TO HEAL SOCIETY' IS OUT ON Puzzlemusik Label! Its almost one year since we entered the studio and recorded this music.Today i am happy to share it with all of you.Billy Pod Drums to Heal Society album release Label: Puzzlemusik Drums to Heal Society - contemporary jazz that draws on elements of free improvisation, pop-electronica and rock to create a sound of unified diversity mirroring human experience in modern society. ‘’Billy is an accomplished composer and arranger with both a great command of his instrument and the sensitivity to create authentic music with others.’’-- Tivon Pennicott, saxophonist for Gregory Porter Drums to Heal Society is the debut release of Greek drummer and composer Vassilis Podaras (aka Billy Pod). The eleven-track album is a reflection and exploration of the modern world in all its chaos, beauty and potential. From the opening track Void, where captivating drum textures set the scene and evoke the voids we all find inside ourselves, the album takes the listener on a journey through connection, emptiness, love and loss to ultimately find a place of hope in the final tender notes of Michalis Tsiftsis’s guitar in Healing.Through his own musical and personal experiences, Pod explores the many sides of humanity while also seamlessly blending the vast capabilities of the drum kit and the different dimensions of the jazz genre. The result is an unapologetically varied sound, with free improvisation, strong melodic lines and elements of other genres sitting comfortably alongside each other to create a unified whole. Like life, the music is made up of both experiential snapshots and deeply emotive explorations that will speak to everyone.“We each have many sides to us and this is something I feel compelled to explore as an artist,” says Pod. “For me, drums are connected to everything. You find their echoes throughout nature and human existence. They are the rhythm by which we live our lives, by which we love, fight and despair.” 
 “This new artist to us at UK Vibe features a high calibre roster {...} As per any respectable bandleader, Vassilis Podaras is as comfortable in the background as he is in the foreground... There’s a community spirit here.” -- Damian Wilkes, UK Vibe Pod concludes: “In moments where difference can seem to define us, it is the experiences and emotions that we all identify with as we pass through this life that can unite us. Music offers an opportunity to explore the various sides of both the personal and artistic spectrum and to ultimately focus on connection.”

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“Billy is an accomplished composer and arranger with both a great command of his instrument and the sensitivity to create authentic music with others.’’.. Read more...

1st place in the small band category at the International Made in NY jazz competition 2016.

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-George Kostopoulos, Last trip to the Moon, 2016

-Yiorgos Georgiadis ,Taksidi ,2017 (The lyst records)

-Ntinos Manos Quartet , After the storm , 2018 (Ankh records)

-Michalis Katachanas quartet ,Trito Chreos (TBR) 2018

-Dionisis Savopoulos,Eleni Vitali live Zontanoi sto Kyttaro 2016, (Feelgood Records)

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