Evan Noct is the drummer of the pop-punk and emo renaissance trio OCEANDVST. He grew up listening to rock and metal music and especially bands like In Flames, Death, HIM, Paramore, and many more that formed his unique drumming style. He has been active in the scene since 2008 having played with numerous bands such as Vermillion Days, Scorcher, Wolf At Seven, and Serpent Lord, Mandragore, Exorcism to name a few, having participated in tours all around Europe and recorded many albums and EPs through these years as well. He consists of bad habits, anime series, sushi eating and ink.

Paris Koutsavelis

OCEANDVST’s journey begins in the middle of 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Known for their straightforward attitude and emotional openness of their music, OCEANDVST is a pop-punk trio with the mission to bring their passionate feelings to those who struggle to express them in their own way!
OCEANDVST’s journey begins in the middle of 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They burst onto the scene with their self-released ep called “Escape Rovte” and they started gaining a remarkable fan base from their very beginning. The release of “Escape Rovte” was followed by two music videos and one lyric video which became unexpectedly popular in a very short time, while in 2019 was released the single “Isn’t Love Supposed to Be a Good Thing?” which marked the end of a big chapter. At the end of 2019, the band moved on in a new era with a fresh line-up and more determined than ever to turn their goals and dreams into reality! This new era begins with the release of the single “Nightmare (Halsey cover)”, which reached the number 1 song for four weeks straight on 1055 rock radio.
Their sound varies between rock, punk and alternative sounds with bands like My Chemical Romance, Tonight Alive, Sum 41, Halsey, and Paramore being some of their influences. What characterizes them the most is their charismatic singer with her warm and colorful voice and the emotional intensity of their songs. Their live shows combine the storytelling of deeply personal stories with a punk based attitude, which instantly puts the audience into the band's shoes

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