Petros Haritos was born in Patras, Greece in 1983.

He had heavy metal influences from a young age and has been playing drums since the age of 11.

At It quickly became a passion when he joined the band Ritual of Odds (2005-2016) at the sounds of melodic death metal. In the meanwhile, he also played for Myst (2010-2014), a power metal band and Dimlight (2014-2016), a symphonic female fronted death metal band. He has toured multiple times throughout Europe and the USA with the above-mentioned bands. He recently took a turn to his musical career and joined Black Sun Omega in 2018, a thrash/death metal band, that have a more aggressive punchy sound.

Black Sun Omega

Vocals: Alex, Nestor, Leo

Guitars: Alexander Zegk (Warbound Order)

Guitars: Nestor Konstantopoulos (Warbound Order)

Bass: Leonidas Karagiannis (ShadowGrin)

Drums: Petros Haritos (Ritual of Odds)

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Black Sun Ωmega

Black Sun Ωmega formed in 2018 in Patras, Greece. Their music is mainly thrash metal, with core & death metal elements blended in. Their first full length album "The Sum Of All Fears" featuring 10 original tracks got released in December, 2019... Read more...
Black Sun Omega formed in 2018 in Patras, Greece. Their music is mainly thrash metal, with core & death metal elements blended in.On February 2020 they released their 11-track debut album "The Sum of All Fears".
Track: Fightback
Album: The Sum of All Fears
Mixing: Nick Gotsis
Mastering: Yannis Kamarinos

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