Manolis Koutsonanos Kozani Greece

He was born in Kozani in 1959.His first contact with music was at the age of twelve at the philarmonic band of his town with his teacher and mentor Elefterio Karahalio,

playing various wind instruments and finally ending up playing the trumpet.During the1980s he was fascinated by the drums having influences from the rock and jazz music scene,while at the same time he starts his musical studies at the drums in the jazz section in the New Conservatory of Thesssaloniki.Later on he is the co-creator of the bands Blue train and Trio Apopsis ending to discography. He has played together with distinguished greek and foreign musicians.He has also performed in festivals in Greece and abroad like:The Jazz festival of Thessaloniki,Mexico Euro Jazz San Luis Potosi, Sani Festival, Servia XXIII International Nisville jazz festival e.t.c.In August 2010 he moves to New York where he attends lessons with distinguished drummers like Bugalo Smith.Emanuel Harold, Ludwig Afonso, Obed Kalvaire, Mark Guliana, Donald Edwards,Engin Kaan Gunaydin and Alvester Garnet.Having returned from New York he fulfills one of his lifetime dreams to become a street musician (busker) being influenced from abroad.

Manolis Koutsonanos

The original music protest by Manolis Koutsonanos in the Central Square of Kozani

Τhis musical journey is the result of my personal need and desire to unite two worlds that play a dominant role in my life and existence, as a human being and as an artist. The traditional sounds of my childhood in the city of Kozani where I was born, raised and lived, the experiences and the accompanying performances always touched and fascinated me.

The original music protest by Manolis Koutsonanos in the Central Square of Kozani

Manolis Koutsonanos set up his drums in the square and protested in jazz.
..
An original way was chosen by musician Manolis Koutsonanos from Kozani to protest the arrest and conviction of begging a musician playing on the street in Thessaloniki.

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