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We're not trying to impress you with parameters that can never be reached, offer you super materials of Premium Quality. We can not solidify surface drumsticks with special varnish or ennoble hornbeam on the quality of Hickory, we never feed you with crap about the quality of the material or amaze you with our worldliness and sizes. We do not auspice ourselves with non-existent or unregistered trademarks, use false advertising, and even super sounding different systems of quality assurance and quality control. The truth - We do not need and never had to got around to resort because for us our work speaks

Marios K

Hey guys, my name is MariosK. I was born on May 3, 1988 in Patras, Greece.

I love playing drums and I am extremely excited with rock, heavy and progressive metal music.

Made from hickory wood, a very hard, stiff, dense and shock resistance wood, ideal for drumsticks.
The extra length of 425mm, allows you to keep a proper posture even when reaching the farthest cymbals. The 16.1mm grip, with the oval wooden tip and the heavier shoulder reduce the required effort to perform a ‘’killer’’ rimshot.
Also, MariosK’s custom signature drumsticks are the perfect pair for practice.

Marios K Biography

Marios is getting first in touchwith a music environment atthe age of 5 when he had hisfirst piano lesson. At the ageof 10 he started playingpercussion and trumpet. In 2000 Marios after auditionjoined at the Music Highschool of Patras (GR)... Read more...
At the age of 15 he started the drum lessons. By 2006, Marios had profound knowledge of music getting acquainted with other teachers such as ‘’Trumpet,
clarinet and mandolin.In 2006 Marios got invited to join his first band (Quick Silver), and the following year to the Cold Product. With Cold Product have got 2 singles. Since 2008 Marios is sitting for exams along with his drum teacher (Konstantinos Vamvas) in the London College of Music University for the Drum Kit and theory of music grades & diplomas. In October 2016 Marios joined a band called Fallen Arise. With Fallen Arise toured for the ‘Adeline’ in Romania, Bulgaria and Athens before the end of the year. In 2017 Marios with Fallen Arise participated in 3 tours supporting acts like Fates Warning and Paradise lost, also, at the end of the year went to Romania as co-headliner to the Rock’n’Iasi festival. MariosK proudly plays with his custom signature drumsticks by R-Stick.

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