Born in Patras of Greece in 1991 in a family of musicians whose father was a drummer and his uncle was a pianist. His first touch with drums was at the age of 2 by standing on top of a bass drum.  His father constantly took him to various rehearsals and various live shows and this ignited the inner flame. At the age of 16, George started exploring the drum practicing process based on a drum DVD and “shyly” played drums in a drum set at home. At the age of 19, he started taking drum practice seriously. During his college years, while studying Philosophy and Business Administration, he started working as a professional drummer with many Greek bands and artists until now, and the last 8 years he’s also a drum teacher. 


The basic drumset that he’s been using for live shows and recordings is the TAMA Superstar which consists of a bass drum 20”, 1 snare 14”,1 snare 10”, 2 toms 10” – 12” and 1 floor tom 14”. His cymbals set is consisted of 2 crashes 16'', , 1 ride 18'', 1 china 20'' and 1 pair of hi-hats 14'”. He has also an electronic set. George also supports Custom personal R stick Drumsticks model.

Pispirigkos Georgios

Session Drummer

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